Niche Pilates

Nothing grabs an athlete attention more than telling them that you have something that can make them better at their sport and reduce the chance of getting hurt. Therefore my attitude with Pilates is what I call #Pilatitudes – I came to Pilates from competitive female bodybuilding – and it may well cater for niche athletes.


Pilates for the following individual sports

  • 🏋️‍♀️Bodybuilding/Competitive bodybuilding
    🦸‍♀️Bikini Model
    🤼‍♂️MMA – Martial Arts


Take your online or on-site Pilates lessons

If you’re interested in:

  • elevating your sports performance to a new level,
  • preventing injuring,
  • recovering after an injury/surgery without losing ground in your sport,
  • getting a competitive edge fine-tuning and discovering the mind-body connection,
  • feel good now and when performing,

contact me for an online Pilates program or a personal training lesson on site.

The Coach

Rossella Pruneti is a Pilates coach at De-Luxe Fitness, a personal training studio in Bordighera, Italy. Rossella’s 30-plus years of experience as a bodybuilding Master Trainer, personal trainer, and bodybuilding and fitness author has provided her with a strong foundation for great “whole” training experiences. Her emphasis on mind-muscle connection, lifestyle and motivation has proved to be highly successful for her clients.

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